• Market Entry Services

    Every business should be present on the new largest market. We can help you with advice, insight, research, implementation, marketing, etc..
  • Brand Management

    We manage overall operations in Asia, defining a strategy for each brand and driving full operations including, promotion, marketing, retail management, wholesale,....
  • FHQ goes Guangzhou

    Furniture HQ is participating to the Intl. Exhbition in Guangzhou. We will mainly be showing our partners DM Depot and BLISS.
  • Asian Home Deco

    A portal for sourcing your traditional Chinese furniture and Asian antiques. Offering a selected stock of various warehouses all over China.

KNG Asia leveraging global opportunies

We are a trading and consulting company for China business. china import map worldThanks to our many years of experience and our wide network, we are able to serve clients in many fields and all levels.

With founding partners from the U.S. and France, and later partners from China, Hong Kong and Belgium; each with their specialities and backgrounds in legal, governmenatl, marketing and finance; we can serve you in many languages.

Clients on all continents will give you a positive feedback.


For some departments we've created a separate website, which we strongly encourage you to visit.
We tried grouping our activities in the following 3 cathegories:

Business Development Trading Consulting
Brand Management
Market Entry
Retail management
Online/offline marketing
IPR protection
Local representation
Sourcing & Logistics
Import & Export
Asian Home Deco
KNG trade
Quality Control
Product Development
Production control
China helpdesk
Partner linking
Business trips
Contract negotiations
Business registration
Legal advice

KNG Asia thinks with you!


Please take your time to browse through all the information on our website. Never doubt to contact us with a questions, I have no doubt that we can help you in way way or another!

Import & export, manufacturing, sourcing and purchasing, business development, market research, QC, ... The list is too long to mention all the services and consulting we can supply. But one thing is for sure, it's that when you do business with China in any way, then you'd better be well informed, well prepared and have the reliable partner to make your China experience a success!
Read more about KNG Asia here.

A down to earth and personal approach

Reliability and trust are of primary importance to us. We know what we can do and can't do; we believe that our experience combined with a large dose of common sense and rational approach makes us a right partner for your China projects.

We consider ourselves the captain of the ship steering your China project to success.

The captain, just like a good manager, knows who to rely on and how to make sure to get the best out of his team. We can't do everything ourselves, but we'll get on board the most suitable boatmen!