Online Marketing

New but essential

Technology has eveolved so fast. If one generation was still able to catch the train of the development of internet, that same generation often could catch the one of Social Media Marketing.
If you lag behind a bit now, the concequences for the mid- and long term- future might be dramatic, the examples are common already today.

Chinese have at least developed as fast as the EU and the USA for online buying and mobile social media.

Catching Chinese outside of China!

Our clients in France found that our skills, experience and background were a perfect mix to supply a marketing services that targets the large population of native Chinese and Chinese tourists in France.

Through advertising in Mandarin on media used by Chinese, we are able to make your business a magnet for Chinese. Together with some consuting on how to deal with Chinese buyers, we can guarantee that your sales will boost!

Check one case study on the right side ….

Marketing in China

General Marketing is a segment of any business plan, and of course we pay much attention to the Marketing Plan in our BUsiness Development services.
Marketing is much more that advertising, promotion. PEOPLE are central, and that’s why you’ll nee dus to adapt your marketing to fit the Chinese society, and that can go as far as adapting your Product.

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