Brand & Retail Management

Brand management has become of highest importance for being successful with your company in China. Because of the high demand we've created a separate department for it.

In 2015 Armand Mazloumian, a specialist in this field, has joined KNG as partner, giving us so much more experience and network power. While Armand has proven track records in the Fashion and Luxury industry, and KNG with Furniture-HQ has mainly worked in the decoration industry; our combined knowledge with an efficient team in support, we are confident that we can lay out the correct path for each brand wanting to achieve success in China.

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Please take your time to browse through all the information on our website. Never doubt to contact us with a questions, I have no doubt that we can help you in way way or another!

Import & export, manufacturing, sourcing and purchasing, business development, market research, QC, ... The list is too long to mention all the services and consulting we can supply. But one thing is for sure, it's that when you do business with China in any way, then you'd better be well informed, well prepared and have the reliable partner to make your China experience a success!
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A down to earth and personal approach

Reliability and trust are of primary importance to us. We know what we can do and can't do; we believe that our experience combined with a large dose of common sense and rational approach makes us a right partner for your China projects.

We consider ourselves the captain of the ship steering your China project to success.

The captain, just like a good manager, knows who to rely on and how to make sure to get the best out of his team. We can't do everything ourselves, but we'll get on board the most suitable boatmen!